Madagascar - August / September 2008

I spent an excellent couple of weeks in Madagascar in the late summer of 2008. Unfortunately, I was there for nearly a month.

Seriously, there were a lot of great things about the country, but this trip also involved new levels of frustration. I made some mistakes along the way. But I also learned some things about myself - and about travel, in general. For details, read on.

Why and How

C'est Si Bone: Antananarivo and Antsirabe

Many Lemurs: Down the Tsiribihina River

Fitampoha Fiasco: Belo sur Tsiribihina and Morondova

Cote d'Obscure: Ampasilavy, Salary Bay, and Ifaty

Lemur Rehab: Andasibe and Antananarivo

Concluding Remarks and Miscellaneous Notes

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