London, Paris, Burgundy, and Switzerland - May 2009

This trip had its origins in my discovery that Robert (the gentleman with whom I am conducting the world's longest running brief meaningless fling) had passed through Paris several times but had never actually seen that city. Obviously, we needed to spend a romantic weekend together there. It only took me three years or so to persuade him of the wisdom of this.

We eventually worked out a plan, based in part on availability of tickets using my frequent flyer miles, that involved my flying into London (where he works) and taking the train to Paris where we'd spend a couple of days. He'd go back to London, while I continued on to see Burgundy and a little bit of Switzerland, before flying back from Geneva. For how it all worked, read on.

London and Paris

Burgundy - Dijon and Beaune

Switzerland - Laussane and Geneva

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