Trans-Caucasus Travels - May 2003

This travelogue describes my May 2003 trip through the trans-Caucasus region. I visited all three countries in the region - Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. While this was a fairly short trip (just over two weeks), I covered a fair amount of territory. I've organized this by country, as that seemed the most practical thing to do.

I shouldn't need to say this, but this being the Internet ...

All opinions are mine. Bear in mind that some of my reactions to things could be colored by how I felt on a particular day, how tired I was, etc.. I've tried to point out where I may not be entirely fair for those reasons. Sending me flaming email is not going to alter my opinions. Factual corrections, however, and general comments are always welcome.

Introduction: The Whys and Wherefores

Baku Beyond: Adventures in Azerbaijan

Bread and Toasts in Georgia

Armenia is Closed for Reconstruction

Closing Remarks

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last updated 31 May 2003
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